I write about the science and psychology of human relations, and particularly about subtle biases and discrimination in the workplace and in society at large. I'm especially interested in patterns of prejudice, its mechanisms, and how to mitigate its effects. 

Selected Publications


Does Starbucks Understand the Science of Racial Bias? The Atlantic.

How Slack Got Ahead in Diversity. The Atlantic

Is this How Discrimination Ends? The Atlantic.

A Fix for Gender Bias? Check. New York Times.

Millions of Women Voted in this Election. They Have the Iroquois to Thank. Washington Post.

Why it Matters that Digital Assistants are Always Female. The New Republic.

It's No Contradiction: Donald Trump and the Power of Subtyping. Washington Post.

What Happens When a Gay Person Grows Up in an Anti-Gay Family. Washington Post.
Why Aren't Women Advancing at Work? Ask a Transgender Person, The New Republic.

The Visitor, The New York Times.

It's Not Foot in Mouth Disease. Medium.

Picasso Goes to Work. Minnesota Monthly.

How Clinton Can Use Gender Bias to her Advantage. Medium.

Positions of Power, Slate.

Another One Rides the Cometbus, Before the Mortage: Brazen Loves, Broken Leases, and the Perplexing Pursuit of Adulthood. Ed. Hutton and Amini. Simon & Schuster.

I Was an Extra in the Movie of My Life, Salon.

Write Here, Write Now. Minnesota Monthly.


Best New Poets 2015.
Gracie Award, Outstanding National Radio Program, for Literary Friendships with Garrison Keillor. American Women in Radio and Television. 
Martha Meier Renk Distinguished Graduate Fellowship in Poetry, University of Wisconsin-Madison. 
Milofsky Prize. University of Wisconsin-Madison. 
SASE/Jerome Foundation Grant for Writers.